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Posted 16th May 2012

SATs Yoga – most chilled out children in the UK!
Our Year 6 children have been preparing for their SATs tests by taking Yoga sessions for the last 4 weeks. As well as doing the yoga postures the children have been shouting positive affirmations such as ‘I am clever’, ‘I am confident’, ‘I am calm and relaxed’. The children have also worked on breathing techniques to stay calm.

The yoga sessions were something that I used with the Year 6 children in my last school in Nottinghamshire and led to the school’s best ever results.

The children also had breakfast served by our wonderful staff and I can honestly say I have never seen a group of children so calm before sitting their tests.

Thank you to Naomi and Paige Smith from Yogabeamz in Nottinghamshire for leading these wonderful sessions and travelling quite a way very early in the morning! For more information about their work please see

Please see the short video below to see the sessions in action. Thank you to all our staff, in particular Mrs. Mason, for all their hard work with our Year 6 children, the parents for your support and most important of all to our amazing Year 6 pupils for all their hard work. We are so proud of you all and I am sure your hard work will pay off. Well done.

Mr. Crawford
To view the video go to the school website

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