YogaBeamz Is Back

Posted 15th June 2020

YogaBeamz Classes are available again!😍

I have very much missed the children and our yoga sessions and am so looking forward to restarting.

As the safety of the children is paramount in my Yogabeamz classes, I have devised a strategy to ensure that social distancing guidelines are adhered to at all times. This will be done through the use of my yoga mats.
During the classes. the mats will act as a barrier between myself and the children, ensuring that I do not disrupt their ‘social distancing bubble’.

My new classes will still be structured as before, however, they will incorporate a greater focus on emotional health and general wellbeing through different mindful movements, breathing exercises and relaxation techniques. This will be so important in assisting the children to adjust to the ‘new’ normal.

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